An Honest Review of the University of Phoenix Online

The University of Phoenix Online has been in existence for over a decade and a half. Launched in 1989, it had been the first licensed online university and now with over 57,000 enrolments to its credit, it has become the largest private, accredited,’for-profit’, online university in the USA. Because of its tenure and name recognition, the University of Phoenix is frequently the first title that comes to peoples mind when they consider that an online University. This standing isn’t without merit, since the University offers students a fantastic deal that the other online universities simply cannot compete with. Nevertheless, not all about this school is ideal.

Because of the duration of time the University was in operation, it has perfected the craft of serious online teaching. The program has been tailored to satisfy with the requirement of working adults who seek to supplement their working knowledge with practical and theory skills while earning a diploma for themselves to some degree that other online schools do not.

Virtual classrooms with trained online instructors and elastic but rigorous classroom participation and assignment admissions make learning comfortable. So much so, that the pupils are able to complete almost 27 credits in a year as against 15 credits completed by routine on site campus learning students. With just 11 pupils in a class, the student to instructor ratio is low, facilitating greater one on one interaction. The instructors themselves are CIOs, CEOs and CFOs of reputed companies when they aren’t mentoring students in the classrooms.

Sometimes students complain of under average quality of teachers who don’t participate in the conversation or test to the extent that has been promised. Lack of communication abilities in some instances and at others complete or partial silence towards queries posted has been detected. That can be a serious allegation considering the good communication and prompt interactions with the pupils of the class are extremely vital for any online program. Add to this, students often complain that if a grievance or issue is addressed to the deputed’advisor’ an endless string of communicating follows with little if any action actually taken.

There are a few ex-instructors who have come up and indicated that their pay is quite pitiful relative to other universities and consequently the motivation levels and drive to excel is reduced. This frequently causes a high turnover of teachers. It looks like the primary complaint, substandard teaching quality is directly tied to the level of cover provided these professors.

The university boasts the online software platform was developed in collaboration with Microsoft. One would anticipate that the email receiving and disseminating platform additionally be much evolved and complicated. Rather there is confirmed evidence that they actually use the famously lacking Outlook Express for its objective. Another issue is that the servers are rather slow sometimes. Both of these problems are worth a mention because online teaching demands quick and reliable interface with minimum downtime. Therefore a slack in this area could have serious implications for the college as a whole.

A last concern relates to’high’ fees being charged. It may be comparable using the many outer online universities of its genre.

All this may seem as the doomsday for online education and notably to the University of Phoenix. But remember when you handle tens of thousands of students, there are certain to be a few that are going to become dissatisfied. And life is dependent upon changes and improvements. Although it’s certainly clear that it has some constraints, the opportunity to reach a degree swiftly and cheaply by a well known and licensed University makes the deal quite appealing for a fantastic many.