A week in the Life Span of an Internet student

This entry will give you a taste of the way that online classes are conducted and what you as the pupil have to do to be successful. The course I’m taking is a human-computer interaction class for my Master’s in Computer Education.


I login to WebCT, my colleges online class software, to pick up my weekly email from the class’s instructor. She details the assignments we need to finish this week, discussions to article, and includes an overview for an upcoming test. While the list of assignments due this week is offered from the syllabus on WebCT, I appreciate having this reminder of what I need to finish this week.

I detect that new ranges have been posted on some of the previous assignments I have already turned in. I’m satisfied with the end result and notice comments that she’s made for future reference.


Now, I pulled the book and read the assigned chapter. I used sticky notes to mark important sections I would need to get a test later. Some people today prefer to indicate in the book straight with highlighters, but I prefer stickies. There is also a Powerpoint presentation with 30 slides.


There is a movie I want to watch. It’s accessible online or I will pull it off the cd the professor provided at the start of the program. Since I’ve a high-bandwidth connection, I stream and download it directly from WebCT.

Thursday thru Saturday

These days I tend to work on my other class or not at all. As a consummate procrastinator, I tend to put the written homework off until Sunday, or Saturday when they are extensive. I do read the assignments on Monday so that I could at least be thinking about them as I drive to and from work or have other down time.


I prepare my written assignment(s). I then go into WebCT to the appropriate assignment and upload the Word file together with all the professor’s naming convention. After the upload, the assignment is marked submitted and I get a confirmation email that I was successful.

My final duty is to prepare a response to a”conversation question of the week” in the WebCT bulletin board for this course. I scan the previous postings and reply to an intriguing one. FinallyI post my reply to the question and submit it. I review the program for next week to prepare myself to the following week. Still another week complete.

I have taken a range of course from UNT through WebCT and other people through other systems that the University provides. The University is just 30 miles away so I take face-to-face classes also, since I really like the interaction of a course. I enjoy the two methodologies. You might prefer one or the other, you won’t know till you try.